Filter Foundry

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Filter Foundry is a compatible replacement for Adobe Filter Factory.

Initially written by Toby Thain (Telegraphics) in 2003 - 2009, the development has been continued by Daniel Marschall (ViaThinkSoft) since 2018. Several advancements and improvements have been made, and a 64-bit Windows version was created.

GitHub Repository

Subordinate objects / categories

ID RA Comment Created Updated
applescript ViaThinkSoft 2022-05-28 2022-06-19
internal ViaThinkSoft 2022-05-28 2022-06-19
resfork ViaThinkSoft 2022-05-28 2022-06-19

REST API (Documentation)

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fourcc: | Four-Character-Code (FourCC)
     fourcc:filter_foundry | -- Filter Foundry
          fourcc:filter_foundry/applescript | -- AppleScript related
          fourcc:filter_foundry/internal | -- Code internal usage
          fourcc:filter_foundry/resfork | -- Resource fork types
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