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Technical information

UUID: 724ef170-a42d-4fef-9f26-b60e846fba4f
C++ notation: { 0x724ef170, 0xa42d, 0x4fef, { 0x9f, 0x26, 0xb6, 0x0e, 0x84, 0x6f, 0xba, 0x4f } }
Variant: [0b10_] RFC 4122 (Leach-Mealling-Salz)
Version: [0x4] Random
Random bits: 01110010 01001110 11110001 01110000 10100100 00101101 ????1111 11101111
??011111 00100110 10110110 00001110 10000100 01101111 10111010 01001111
Random bytes: [0x724ef170a42d?fef?f26b60e846fba4f]



Registration Authority

The superior RA did not define a RA for this Globally Unique Identifier (GUID).

Alternative Identifiers

(No PIX allowed)
OIDplus Information Object Application Identifier (ISO/IEC 7816) More information
mac:82-16-82-00-EF-79OIDplus Information Object MAC address, Unicast (AAI)
mac:83-16-82-00-EF-79OIDplus Information Object MAC address, Multicast (AAI)
oid: Information Object OID
oid:2.25.151941887659525128476012648927014664783OID representation of UUID (ISO/ITU-T 128 bits)
oid:1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554.29262.61808.42029.20463.40742.11931268.7322191OID representation of UUID (Microsoft)
oid: representation of UUID (Waterjuice 2x64 bits)
oid: representation of UUID (Waterjuice 4x32 bits)
oid: representation of UUID (Waterjuice 8x16 bits)
x500dn:/​dc=com/​dc=example/​cn=oidplus/​​ Information Object X.500 DN

REST API (Documentation)

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oidplus:system | System
oid: | Object Identifier (OID)
gs1: | GS1 Based IDs (GLN/GTIN/SSCC/...)
guid: | Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)
          guid:724ef170-a42d-4fef-9f26-b60e846fba4f | -- AdminTools
     guid:filedialog | -- File Dialog Custom Places (Example)
ipv4: | IPv4 Network Blocks
ipv6: | IPv6 Network Blocks
java: | Java Package Names
other: | Other objects
domain: | Domain Names
fourcc: | Four-Character-Code (FourCC)
aid: | Application Identifier (ISO/IEC 7816)
php: | PHP Namespaces
mac: | MAC adresses (EUI/ELI/AAI/SAI)
x500dn: | X.500 Distinguished Name
oidplus:login | Login
oidplus:whois | OID-IP / WHOIS
oidplus:search | Search
oidplus:resources | Documents and Resources
oidplus:contact | Contact administrator